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Welcome to the AUX FIT Webpage.

Get Ready for AUXFIT !         
What's New in 2018 ?
How do you participate?

Get Ready for AUXFIT 2018 !

The AUXFIT program was introduced in 2016 with support from CDR Carissa April, DIRAUX, D1NR, (retired). The idea for AUXFIT was to emphasize the importance of healthy living, physical fitness and have fun in challenging the district’s Southern Region – as well as each other in getting active.
In 2017 AUXFIT was more about the friendly comradery and general awareness of simply healthy living.
We had incentives for those who jump out first as early champions, but the focus was on getting active. There were t-shirts and water bottles as well as gift cards. The program also garnered national interest with 11 districts represented and following the program.

What’s new in 2018 ?

The AUXFIT team is working on a competition between D1NR and D1SR; however other districts may wish to compete as well. The competition will be which region has the greater number of pledges from its members.

-    The first 25 people who pledge to participate by 30 January will receive a 2018 AUXFIT t-shirt and be announced during the AUIXFIT report at the DTrain in March 2018.  

-    Everyone who pledges by 1 December 2018 will receive a certificate and be entered to win a prize.

-    The AUXFIT team is also looking at a “Spartan” style challenge that incorporates some exercises and skills, such as marlinspike. The idea is for members to form teams and a competition held. This is the planning stage, but more should be announce at the DTrain in March 2018.

DCOS Charles Grossimon takes the lead on the AUXFIT Challenge

Charlie Grossimon, District Chief of Staff, D1NR (DCOS), who believes personal fitness and healthy living is an important aspect to the physical fitness requirements of Auxiliarists. “The health of our members is so important. I’m excited to be the model for this program because not only do I need to work towards being “AUXFIT” for myself and my family, but it is my sincere hope that others will be inspired to do the same. AUXFIT gives us the opportunity to cheer each other on and provide inspiration for a healthier membership.” 


                                                                                 DCOS Charlie Grossimon, has taken on the AUXFIT Challenge   

Scott Lockhart of RX Fitness guides Charlie Grossimon thru his workout.


Charlie will have four quarterly sessions with a personal trainer through the year. Scott Lockhart, of Rugged RX Fitness, will provide a strategic wellness session and three follow up sessions. In between sessions Charlie will monitor his weight, eating and fitness schedule and report those results.




                                                                                  Scott Lockhart of RX Fitness coaches DCOS Charlie Grossimon

How do you participate ?

To pledge, send an email to craighall.uscgaux@gmail.com with a subject line of “AUXFIT 2018.”Include your Auxiliary member number.

Periodically check this web page for news, tips and updates.

LR: Scott Lockhart, Charles Grossimon DCOS, and Craig Hall, AUXFIT Cheerleader take a break from a recent workout.

Charlie Grossimon (DCOS, D1NR) (center), receives encouragement from  Scott
Lockhart of RX Fitness (left) and AUXFIT Team Leader, Craig C Hall (right)



Simple Bean Dip or Side Dish

Buffalo Wings   

Super Bowl Wings Recipe


Will you be AUIXFIT in 2018?




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