United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
First District Northern Region
Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Rhode Island

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D1NR Core (Mandated) Training

Ready to Start?   Visit  https://auxlearning.uscg.mil/

Note:  Also check D1NR Member Training Page for local presentations.


Risk Management Training Requirements

There are two platforms available to take
this course read about both below to
see which one is better for you.

Make Sure you are properly credited after completing
Introduction to Risk Management

Make sure that your course completion is properly recorded in AuxData.  If you use Auxiliary Classroom you MUST send evidence of course completion to COMO Belmore at the Cape Office.  If you use AUXLMS the system should automatically record course completion.  Nevertheless it is strongly recommended that you send evidence of course completion to COMO Belmore at the Cape Office to be sure.  Send a screen shot of a transcript, or course completion screen showing the course completed and your name to COMO Belmore at Carolyn.v.belmore@uscg.mil

          Or Mail to :

         Auxiliary Support & Training Center
         First District. Northern Region
         3163 Burge Blvd.
         Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

Problems using AUXLMS

  • Browser compatibility - AUXLMS works best with Internet Explorer. Chrome, Edge and mobile devices, may not work at all or perform poorly.

  • User Name is primary email in Auxdata Password is unique to AUXLMS not the same as AuxOfficer, Shop Auxiliary, etc.

  • Change of a member's primary email in AUXDATA may not have been shared with AUXLMS.  If the Member no longer has access to the old email address then "Forgot my Password" will not help the member recover from a lost password. The National Help Desk is not currently (4/2019) able to update the member's username in AUXLMS.

  • The National Help Desk currently (4/2019) is unable to provide temporary passwords to members who have forgotten their password.

  • New members who joined after 14 March 2019 are not appearing in AUXLMS, and the Help Desk does not currently (4/2019) have the ability to add them.   

Auxiliary On Line Classroom is an alternate system for taking Introduction to Risk Management 100202 for

  • New Members

  • Members who changed their primary email address in Auxdata and no longer have access to the old email

  • Members who have lost their AUXLMS password and were not successful with the "Forgot my Password" function on the AUXLMS Login page

  • Members using mobile devices (phones and tablets) of other operating systems
    that are incompatible with or perform poorly with AUXLMS (Chrome and Edge for example).

 Auxiliary On Line Classroom  http://classroom2.cgaux.org/moodle/course/index.php?categoryid=9   

  • Make sure you log in using your member # and Member Zone Password.

  • The On-Line Classroom courses are NOT automatically entered into AUXDATA. The grade report from each course must be printed or saved as a pdf file and sent to COMO Belmore at the Cape Office for manual entry into AUXDATA. Her email is:  Carolyn.v.belmore@uscg.mil

          Or Mail to :

         Auxiliary Support & Training Center
         First District. Northern Region
         3163 Burge Blvd.
         Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

      Here's one way to save a pdf copy of the grade report once you have completed the course:

  • Log into the On Line classroom
  • In the Navigation panel on the left, select "My Courses", then select the course of interest, such as "Introduction to Risk Management"
  • In the Administration pane on the left, select "Grades"
  • Right click anywhere on the grade report page, and select "Print"
  • In the Print dialogue box on your computer, the default "Destination" is probably your printer. Click on "Change..." and select "Save as PDF"
  • Save the pdf file to a folder where you can easily find it and attach it to your email.

If you are having problems do not delay!  Ask for help from your unit's CS officer right away.